Politically Correct or Incorrect?

Politics is not all about supporting a leader or a party. To me it is a citizen’s interest to see their people, surroundings, city, country grow.
It is not about feeling patriotic on 26th January and 15th August alone, it is living the love for your nation every single day.

It does not mean everyone has to give his/her life for the country.
to me it is about guarding your flag, playing the role of a citizen every single day!

it could be as small as not littering the place, planting a tree, lending your hand to someone in need.

But one may ask what is the point in a country like ours with top-down hierarchy?
Do the people at the top care enough for us? 
The following are few things which we forget while forming and expressing our stance on something

- Be it a small school or a big organization having global presence, politics/blame-game is inevitable.
We are a population of 6 billion people on this planet. Although Mother Earth holds us together, the nature of head is varied.
you can see it as dynamism or conflict of ideas if not dealt neutrally.

- If the ruling party has not been efficient and the opposition show us hopes we swiftly change our hats. Here we forget that the flaw in policies’ implication flows down the channel vertically and not horizontally. 
after the recent New Delhi fiasco i’m reluctant to support the new promising figure.
Let me explain to you why and what are my fears.
each one of us has an individuality. when we join a company this individuality has to come in sync with the organization’s goals and agenda. this is where we lose a part of ourselves. likewise when the so called ‘ray of hope’ promises development and talks big i wonder where were his opinions and philosophies when his party supported passage of fragmentation of a state?
to all ‘ray of hope‘ supporters it was a slap on your faces, because the sentiments of the other side of the country wanted something else all together. For this i would say for your sake, vote wisely! Make informed decision before supporting any leader and political party.
Theplas and ‘ray of hope’ are almost synonymous. 

- you would have now noticed the UPA-2 has passed many many bills in the last few days of it’s existence in the parliament.
Opposition annoying picks up a scene and then nod their heads in sync with the ruling party. My fellow Indians, the bills could have been for electoral reasons, but they are much required at long run if WE utilise them wisely. we often waste our powers and rights.
Every party wants credit. Who wouldn’t man! if I and you were in their place wouldn’t we do the same? And sometimes we enjoy killing someone’s enthusiasm so that the responsibility falls on our laps and we walk with pride for having achieved that task.
but have you’ll noticed in the last days both the parties came to mutual consensus? It has apolitical and political reasons. i can write thesis on that segment. But remember, governance and parties may have a thin line yet are different and anyone can screw it up.

- Every law that comes into force takes people’s interests into account. When a bill is brought into either of the houses it is made public and a separate bench makes notes of public opinion. all that seeps into the draft bill and it then moves to the other house.
and a bill passed has to be functional for the next 4-5 decades at least. 
Social, administrative, political, environmental and global factors are all considered before making any amendment.
So Speak Up!

I hope with that i could convince you why it is all the same diaper can change but you are the manufacturer.
you can decide whether or not to bring certain diaper into force, you can do away with a particular color.

Can you have classrooms without students?
Can you have law without violence?

We cannot have our glorious country without YOU!!

On that note i leave you with this lovely track, it gives me goose bumps  


Happy and Gay

Next time you moan about SC’s decision on Section#377 wait…
Look back and recall..
Do you ascertain a man who possesses feminine qualities (than usual) as gay?

If you label that man/guy to be gay-ish then you really shouldn’t hit the like button on those FB status which voice against SC’s decision. ‘Broad mindedness’ is only superficial and loosely hung word. Ask yourself- do you look at men and women equally before jumping into their sexual orientation.

I believe charity begins at home, similarly, acceptance of unusual tendencies in people begins with the daily mundane activities you do and takes way longer time to accept.

It’s easier said than done.
And dear media, instead of hyping so much about this problem look around!

i can enlist series of problems and achievements that can be bragged about way larger than life right from the moment I wake up until my day ends.



Kittu’s  mom never wanted devil’s shadow falling upon her little one. Tradition had it that a kid should never see his/her reflection in the mirror. Kittu ran and hopped all around his place, rode on his tricycle, with the same enthusiasm as much his mother felt joy on delivering him. Sun rays behind passed through the slit of the window and casted a shadow of him on the tricycle albeit he could see none.

His family and loved ones could not see and perceive his joy and hope, which    he saw in the unseen. For the 3-year-old child had only lived the spectrum of light and not what the shadow left behind. He lived with eyes open what we live with eyes closed.