Picture Perfect

When was the last time you bought a reel for your camera? Probably it was the time when we lived more in the real world than in virtual reality.

Image                                                                                 film_reel200

When I was a kid, people would get paranoid before heading for vacations and trips. We had to make sure that the reel was loaded, batteries were replaced after every use and that we do not press the reverse button.

at Juhu beach or hill stations, we would often see men with photograph garlands around their necks and asking if we want to get ourselves clicked and that the snaps will get developed in no time.

And after we returned from our outings, we made a trip to the photo studio and got the snaps developed. And we’d all gather to see the snaps together. All these being a cumbersome job, we could afford to click ‘Kodak moments’ and very little selfies.

Every kid will have a photo of their childhood which they don’t want their relatives to see and hide them in the books.

My kid’s camera is still one of my favourite possessions. That sound and the flash, have made memories.

And came the era of Digital Cameras and Selfies

Then digital camera fad set in. being expensive, people still stuck to their old cameras. By then VGA camera built in the phones had a huge widespread acceptance.

Slowly, when expandable memory and better resolution penetrated in the cell phones, digital cameras faced some set back. And those old cameras almost vanished.

Every second snap on social networking site is a selfie. No, no I don’t want to fixate over  selfies. It is the ease in terms of technicality and price which has encouraged people to click pictures.

Thanks to android and other smart phones, Instagram and snapchat have now become a craze. It easily gives one an illusion that they are a photographer.

SLR camera = Photography page.

A brilliant photographer is the one who can capture candid and right moments even in their VGA phones and old styled cameras.


This is no exception.




And men can’t get enough of such poses.



Let’s leave alone the physiological impact these pictures have but it has changed many many things. It has become equivalent to style statement for us.

Sole purpose behind these snaps are to upload them on these social networking sites and to make sure that one gets x number of hits. whereas, the reel cameras created memories and still seem alive when we look at those albums.

if i were to sit with the album sack, i lose track of time. the new generation kids will miss out on this. The aroma of freshly developed pictures and old ones is ecstatic. Instagram with filters and FB albums will do no justice.

pictures project stories.

they talk of time and space.

Pictures should help one travel down the memory lane. Unfortunately these days it gives rise to remorse, jealously, depression due to comparison. Stalking, the term gained popularity all thanks to FB.

That said, this fad has its advantages too.

It has paved way to make photography as a profession. Some pursue that as part hobby or full time profession.

It has made people think wild and free and the expandable memory only means one can capture lots of those memories.

In a country like India, pursuing a profession astray to real professions like medicine or engineering leads to hullabaloo.


The best moments are captured by your eyes and in your mind.

And beautiful moments are captured when eyes are closed and mouths are shut.


Keep clicking!




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