God/dess , Godmen and the likes

A series of internet activities, AIB, the movie ‘PK’ , MSG (Leela Samson) and allegations and a recent Facebook post which i stumbled upon, motivated me to write this.
Now that I’m at home, unemployed I am finding new avenues and reviving old habits to release my stress.

I will take a step wise approach

  1. PK targeted the concept of idol-worship, god-men and the likes
    I will try to not dwell on the flaws here. Idol worship – the reasons seem silly to many atheists, agnostics (non-believers). How can a stone carved beautifully seem to solve worries and fulfill desires?
    When a person says that s/he has ‘faith’ in Ganesha, it is the faith that is the driving factor here.
    It does not matter if you pray before a piece of paper, pen, rock, statue; It is the faith which one person holds. On that note, an atheist is most spiritual as s/he has immense faith in her/himself about non existence of God/higher powers.
    If I were to ask you do you trust your choices, the question that should first rise is ‘do I have faith in myself to trust my choices’?
    The rationale behind idol worship could be varied.
    i. For those who believe God created the universe, place of worship is heaven’s abode,
    ii. For some best way to let go off their problems and the best part being the idol does not have ears (most humans do not care about your problems including me ),
    iii. The daily chants in and around the place of worship makes it serene and peaceful away from the chaos , meet like minded people, gossip time.
    iv. Coming to god-men, the true essence of guru-shishya parampara is not what we often see today. Upanishad, means sitting close to the master. A master/teacher would not only initiate young minds then into rituals but also the science.Self-inquiry and not imposition, reasoning not mere blind faith in religious doctrine was what Bharata was.  The word guru sounds creepy. Black magic and standing in odd postures are what we are being told.
    Mind you, the western countries today profess about those odd postures (yoga, meditation) more than we do!Power yoga, hath yoga, TM are all a craze there! By that I do not imply that do not question the science behind the rituals. Just the way you are selectively reading this article between the lines, we can choose what we like as per our needs.
  2. Can taking extreme stance help?
    Extremism in any area has never helped the history of human kind.
    Ridiculing a ritual will never help open eyes, though it may to some.
    Religion can never be uprooted. Period.
    Most Indo Aryan pagan religions have a message to offer, and some of them literally and not figuratively. I wish media took time to make movies, present the good work, love, humanity and peace instead of choosing negative means to send out the message.
  3. Atheism is analogous to blind faith
    I’m neither a theist nor an atheist.
    I see many call themselves atheists (specially among Hindus) because they simply follow the herd. I do not see anything wrong in that yet to me it is same as blind faith in religious practices.
    I openly patronize yoga and meditation, and have no qualms if I am called a baba/dhongi.
    I was initiated into Art of Living (AOL) practice many years ago. I had fun doing surya namaskara and pranayama even as a teen. I didn’t know then that it was uncool to people. And today when I look around I find it cool to say that I am choosing a holistic approach to remain healthy. I have nothing against gym but yoga, aerobics make one self-reliant.
    And it (AOL) gave me many opportunities to work with other NGOs.
    I live in Bombay which means stress seeps into the system the moment I step out of my house, I can reach Delhi by air plane before i can reach home from the airport.
    Any organization, eminent person is never without flaws.
    Likewise I accept spiritual outfits do have their set of flaws, people around tend to brainwash and scare people. Some consider it a good way to make money 😀
    But we can certainly choose to pick the good and ignore the flaws. If it really bothers someone so much, go ahead and choose a strategy, mechanism to highlight them.I do not intend to patronize AOL as an organization but i can assure you that yoga, meditation and pranayama have umpteen benefits and i learnt the easiest ways through this organization. There are many research papers on them, I need not cite references. Each one of us can choose to have a mind of our own.
    Media is one of the most important pillars in democracy.
    Today is the world where internet has made world a global village and free press is  freedom of expression  on digital media. 
    I believe as a citizen of this country, as a global citizen each of us could seek truth before falling prey to unscrupulous, brain washing ideals.Let truth alone triumph!
    Satyamev Jayate !

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