Rohith Vemula and education system

Rohith Vemula’s suicide is disturbing to me for reasons other than stated by social media and main stream media (MSM). I wishfully choose to discard his religion, caste background.
Suicide is a social evil cutting across gender, caste, creed and nationality.

Suicides until now took a center stage in politics due to farmer suicides.
Farmers most often have no choice. Poor yield, landless, daughter’s wedding, unable to pay dues are the reasons we hear. They often have no alternative sources of income.
Agriculture is rigidly under the control of the government and unshackling that will set many things right.

Rohith Vemula was a PhD scholar. If a student, an educated youth commits suicide it shows that our education system, value system and culture system have failed us.
If education cannot ensure healthy mind, body and spirit to fight things out bravely, then literacy 100% will not indicate progress of the nation.
Excellence is to be chased, but the ecosystem to accept failures, remedies to tackle depression springing from various reasons are also needed.
But when you commit suicide at campuses where red chaddis move then ‘narangi’ men are at work.

But who cares about death of an open category man or woman in India?
Have they shown their suicide notes to the world? We cannot make politics out of open category humans. Sub-humans that we are to the human rights crusaders.
Ultimately, we are the bourgeoisie to the human rights crusaders!




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