The show must go on…

Each time a legendary Indian artist dies (danseuse, vocalist, musician etc), the responsibility to carry the legacy increases on each one of us.
Until two or three decades back art was pursued by the elite more. Anyway, art cannot flourish when life is unstable.
Today, scenario has changed. Some carry the legacy as-is, some have modified and each of those artisans play a role in not only living the art form but also increasing the acceptance.
Music has come a long way. As much as I enjoy listening to khayal, ghazal, folk music or keertanam i equally enjoy listening to fusion, rock.

Indian classical music has mainstreamed. Folk music, ghazal, thimri, khayal, percussionists have made us proud. One can find singers signing to tunes of old ragas untouched, and can also hear fusions where the soul of music is untouched.
Indian classical dancers have a long way to go. Certainly, the context has to change.
That is one of my important goals: to make classical dances mainstream.
People should not find it difficult to recognize dance forms. Until then, we will find people by hearting the names against the names of states for examinations.

Legends have played an important role in leaving a better world behind.
Whenever you listen to Rafi saab, he leaves you at a better place, mentally. Lyricists, musicians brought life to those bandishes.
I hope that i play a small role in this and pray that today’s youth embrace Indian art with an unbiased mind as I see this steeply declining. It somewhere saddens me when I am told that classical music is boring and scare crow man [1] is our mantra.
What is more appalling is that youth who belong to the land that made classical music most mainstream with abhanga, natya sangeet are in dark when it comes to these forms.

On one side we have veterans who are upset and seem to be reserved about embracing changes and the other side we also see songs that are good enough to scare wild boars at farm fields away[1].
Westernisation, anyway, seems to disturb many Indians.  Modernization and westernization are quite different.

We have been given few of the best inheritances.  We are responsible in flourishing art forms by participating in them: in listening, watching and taking the main stage.
We do not wish to see more names in the list of intangible heritage being under threat.

Talent is for others to enjoy and time is most precious gift.
Both the seer and scene are important to keep the shown on…











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