#HappyToBleed NOT

Personally, I do not care much if I am not let in and i am rarely happy to bleed except that bleeding is an indication that my uterus and ovaries are functionally well, if not very efficiently. Unless, i want do not want to bleed for straight 9 months.

Infrastructure and changing mindsets of people go hand in hand. If toilets are built, it is equally essential that mindsets are shaped to use them.
Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan cannot be lauded on social media alone. We too play a role in keeping our homes, neighbours clean and tidy. Just let’s begin with carrying waste till we spot a garbage bin.

Menstrual cycles and women

In South India, onset of periods is considered very pious and calls for a celebration. As a teenager, i rebelled. It is now that i realise how Hinduism like worshipping fertility, worships this as well.

Menstruating woman undergoes hormonal changes. Cramps, excessive bleeding, PCOS, and various issues bother women of this era.  When i discuss with octogenarian women, they seem to have had almost pain free periods, something that rarely happens to me.

So, what helped the octogenarian women?
Despite having less nutritious diet, rest and physical activities kept them hail and hearty.
Those impositions were absurd, yet rest in those 4 days helped them to a great extent.

In my case good food, rest, exercises have ensured smooth menstrual cycle and flow to me.  These and shatavari milk drink have helped me sail through those days with ease.

Whisper, stay free help only urban middle class and above section women. Majority of Indian women still use cloth and cotton.

Why do we not see banners asking women to eat fruits, vegetables during menstrual cycle?
Why can we not have volume based businesses that focus on women’s health?
Several urban girls face PCOS . Why can’t the same women who want us to enter temples understand that most women are not uncomfortable to even make long journeys due to lack of toilets and usage of cloth and cotton?

On that note, Arunachalam Muruganantham is the man I would look up to. He not only has built infrastructure but also, employs women, is playing an important role in changing mindsets.

Feminazis like to blare like honking cars in slow moving traffic. That will not clear the traffic but result in noise pollution.
When you proclaim #HappyToBleed I hope that you factor in other dimensions like health care, cleanliness, rest, functioning of woman’s reproductive system and sustainable methods to achieve the above.


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