Love is selfish

Radha loved cooking and was a great cook. She was all set to make dosas. She put in lot of efforts to prepare the batter and chutney in the traditional stone grinder.
She looked at them and smiled with a smug. She thought that she would first offer them to Lord and then serve her family. Meanwhile, in the backyard she saw an old man in rags asking alms.
Her heart sank, she immediately prepared two dosas and gave him those.

She fed an old hungry man, angels in heaven would have rejoiced she thought. She felt content.

In love, any selfless act brings contentment. Contentment is the by product.
Love is selfish yet brings contentment.

Meenu loved her cosmetics. Brand conscious, she had a collection of Body Shop and L’Oreal products.
One of her cousins had come over to her place during vacations.
Her eyes fell on Shea butter cream. while Menu was away, she slid open the cream box and applied a little.

Meenu realized that her cousin loved it.
She paused for a moment and then gave the brand new box of cream to her.
Sacrifice was Meenu’s nature.

In love, there are moments of sacrifice.
Love is selfish yet sacrifices liberate us, make us feel close to ourselves.

Ajay had a long and tiring day at work. 6:15 PM was the last fast train to Borivali from Churchgate before 7 PM.
He always rushed to catch that train like many others did. He was successful in boarding the train and finding a place to sit. That is a eureka moment in a place like Bombay during peak hours.
In few minutes, he saw an old man-old enough to have seen India attain independence.
Ajay offered him his seat. The old man resisted but Ajay insisted and made him sit and even offered him water. Ajay had to stand for more than an hour till he reached his destination.

When they both reached the last destinations, the old man thanked and blessed Ajay deeply.

Ajay believed that random acts of kindness made his day complete.

Love brings pain and hurt is inevitable.
In joy, in sacrifice, in celebration there is happiness.
Love is selfish.
Is there anything that is devoid of love and consequently any act minus selfishness?


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