Why do we need Yoga Day?

This is a small step to let the world know the birth place of Yoga.
Yoga is intrinsically Hindu.I doubt the success in letting the world know this though through UN Yoga Day celebrations.
Let alone world, Government of India (GoI) made chanting ‘Om’ optional.

I have been practicing yoga asana since i was 13 years old. back then it was not mainstreamed as much as it is now because yoga asana is seen as a tool to lose weight. And, it ends there. Needless to say i was called ‘baba’.

If you read Patanjali Yoga sutras, yoga asana is one of the 8 limbs of yoga.
Even today, when the GoI introduced celebration of Yoga day it has been reduced to mere asanas. Chanting is a problem for our secular folks!
I read the first government press release for ths year’s yoga day celebrations. we were supposed to have pranayama, a satsang in the end. I doubt if this the position now. ‘OM’ chanting itself is optional. Stupidity of the highest order.
This is pulling off a Leela Samson in yoga.

Going further on benefit and purpose:
Follow major pages of yoga they will be mostly run by Americans.
With movie stars taking to yoga and also due to huge widespread practice of Transcendental meditation (TM), yoga asana, meditation spread far and wide in the states.
what eventually happened was Hinduism aspect was dropped.
Today, more yoga asana products are available outside than in India. China leads the market in yoga mats. The props that once were introduced by B.K.S. Iyengar now have been westernized and commercialized.

We hear mindfulness meditation, PostTraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) meditation sessions and they are all from India.
follow Huffington post you will notice ZERO acknowledgment made to India. Hinduism hurts the Abrahamic yoga propagators.

What the end result should be? Reverse baptism of Yoga.
We as people of the country should take pride that this was the birthplace of Yoga.
Yoga and Hinduism cannot be separated.

I used to take pride in the fact that i can pull off 108 Surya namaskaras. But, i have now begun to take other limbs of Yoga seriously.
A good yoga session should be a stress buster not a booster on seeing someone doing a head stand effortlessly.
In fact each time you push to get that asana right, you challenge your boundaries. Same can be applied to mundane life activities.

There is no point in rolling over yoga mats if one is feverish over getting an asana right or attaining enlightenment. Something that happens in yoga classes and spiritual outfits.

Yoga is not merely asana, it is one of the ways of life in Hinduism to connect with yourself. 🙂


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