Big picture

Abhi: Where have you brought me, Ramu?
Ramu:  Musical concert.
Abhi: Is it classical?
Ramu: Yes.
Abhi: Urgghhh.. What? Classical? Dei, you know this does not interest me
Ramu: Just sit. Sleep if you feel like.
Abhi: okay, sure. I did not need that directive!
The concert began with raga Hamsadhwani. Mandolin and violin jugalbandhi. Mrindangam and table jugalbandhi and morsing notes that filled the voids.
Abhi felt quite ecstatic. He listened half attentively though. His eyes shut in between. Ramu smiled. He was glad that his friend did not run away.
It seemed as if Abhi was asleep and ragams reached his ears one after the other.  His eyes would shut when he tried to open. Never he had appreciated mandolin, violin, ghatam, morsing, tabla and mridangam. When Sahana ragam was played on venu, he experienced what Samadhi could possibly be. He had a glimpse of  it.
The concert ended with a thillana which was the only vocal piece of the evening.
When the programme ended Abhi joined Ramu and applauded.

At the dinner table Ramu broke the silence which the programme had left in their minds.
Ramu: So, how did you find the programme?
Abhi:  I must admit that I was in a different world. Never felt like this ever before!
Ramu:  Glad to know. But do you know that at some places ‘arohanam’ was messed up by the flautist?
Abhi:  what? I don’t understand all that. That solo flute piece was the best! What are you blabbering?
Ramu:  you’ve just begun listening. You are looking at the big picture alone. Intricacies matter. The science needs to be mastered. Only then you can connect with the audience.
Abhi:  In that case, I do not mind being where I am. Knowing the science of the art too much kills the joy. Ignorance is bliss. I call myself a dumb rasika. The flautist touched my heart.
Ramu : That matters a lot. You’ll know with time how important it is to end the ragam.
Abhi: The big picture today made me feel good. I think that the best part of being in this place is that I need not picture how it could be better than before.


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