It is time Ayurveda gets credit that it deserves



I am not a doctor, nor am I qualified to comment extensively because I am no Vedic scholar nor I have read our scriptures to be able to write a thesis like this.

A common misconception about Ayurveda is that it is only about ‘ghaas-phus’.
Most western medicine doctors reject Ayurveda on the claims that the effects cannot be verified like chemical medicines can be. There is another myth that the medicines cannot have side effects. It may not harm other organs but a particular medicine may suit one and cannot suit another despite having the same prakritti.

If we reduce Ayurveda merely to medicines it is same as reducing Yoga to asanas ie one of the limbs of yoga.

A visit to Ayurvedic Vaidya can be an excellent way to understand one’s body. It relies on a simple principle of ‘ You are what you eat’.
Attention to diet, followed paying attention to activities we undertake, modifying diet based on seasons which nature naturally follows ( you get water melons from May to August/September in a country like ours) are delicate steps to improvise health.
Vatta-Pitta-Kapha imbalance not only impacts body on physical level but mental as well.
Too many negative thoughts, disturbed sleep patterns can be because something is not correct on mental, physical level.

Gunaseelam-It is said a visit to this temple will cure a mentally challenged person if s/he lives in temple premises for about two months.

Our body is a wonderful nature’s gift and it has its mechanism and gives out signals when we abuse it or ignore it.

Craving for sweets, or spicy food (especially for me considering my prakritti), tiredness, thirst are some signs that tell us – something needs attention.

At a philosophical level too, in our dharma we do not treat ourselves as sinners before God and nature. At bodily level too, we treat it with respect. What fruit may be suitable for me may not be for my own parent.

It is time that Ayurveda gets credit, status and impetus so that our lifestyles are in sync with nature.


It is time this land has more Sushrutas. For which we need not bank on claims and credits from the west. Halid dhud became turmeric latte.
do we need more such disasters before we lose more?
We have anyway seen infiltration in Siddha medicine system.
Almost everything in our dharma is connected with nature.
Be it worshipping Varuna or Shakti or Ayurveda.

Dhanwantri- God of Health

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