Rama Nama

As children we have all seen those tinted plastic glasses. If the color of the glass was red, the world would appear red. When blue, the world would appear blue. Likewise, when the glass is transparent, the world appears just the way it is when Sun’s rays falls on the objects and reflects colors.
When I wore those tinted glasses, Rama’s deed after slaying Ravana appeared wrong to me.
But, when I dropped my prejudices and read Ramayana again there was a cleansing that I went through. Polishing I could call. Like how one applies polish on furniture after scratching it enough with sandpaper.
Whenever I heard a saint say ‘Dharma is what upholds truth’, I could not fully comprehend it. I still cannot. But I saw a glimpse of it with my small mind when I read Ramayana again with an open mind.
Being conservative has its advantages. The biggest one being you see things the way they are. The way they should be. You then logically deduce and make decisions. Such is the power of keeping principles in line with what scriptures say. When logic supersedes emotions which could be deceptive, the decisions are often correct. Those principles are always and always in line with nature’s laws.
That is what Ramayana is to me. Keeping dharma and truth above emotions that fool me often. How can Ramayana then become mere mythology with no lessons to offer?
A question rationalists often throw is – who gives mandate that what scriptures say is ‘ultimate truth’? only the bhaktas, right?.
True enough. It is the bhakta who brings life. A stone has divinity and so does a human.
As children, while drawing a scenery we brought life to Sun, to the Moon, to waters. They’d have smileys. There was life to everything that the child saw. Ask the girls, their dolls were fed and bathed and clothed.
It is faith that brings life to a form and formless. When millions of such bhaktas gather, then one has to experience oneness without losing centered-ness.
We all express love and have experienced love in various gestures.
When we express life, that is Sanatana Dharma to me.
And in this epic, a hero that I revere and have always revered has been Anjaneyaar.
He symbolizes Bhakti, Shakti that comes from Bhakti, His single minded focus, His lightness, His mettle, and easy in accessibility like प्राण devata ‘Vayu’.
Where there is Prana, there is Rama.
यत्र प्राण: तत्र राम: |
यत्र राम: तत्र धर्म: |
यत्र धर्म: तत्र भारत: |
जननी जन्मभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी- श्री राम |

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