Misplaced Sharanagati: The British attitude of not reasoning

Other than those who go to agama schools , gurukulams and those who do not go to school at all, most of us are products of British model of education.
That means all of us learned baba black sheep and rote learned a lot of unnecessary information and writing speeches like this in English.

Enough has been discussed on how bad it is.
What we increasingly hear is – I will not accept Hindu rituals blindly; I do not believe in auspicious hours of the day; why should I bow down.

Without faith in oneself one cannot move two steps forward and without faith in the Guru there can be no ‘gati’.
When you go to a Dr you go with the trust that he will be able to guide you and help you in curing that disease. Commonly known as placebo. Works in allopathy and not just in AYUSH.
Likewise, if we do not trust the Guru then how can we learn the technique?
A Guru does not force or thrust it onto the shishya.

If surrender meant giving up brains then one is WRONG.
When one surrenders one has faith in oneself on the choice he took.
We have to trust our choice. If we doubt the teacher it is as good as doubting oneself because we are doubting our choice.
A Guru makes the journey easier. Goal of every margam is to question the indescribable and experience trupti.
That is why and how we have plethora of scriptures, schools of thought.
Those who had new ideas did not rebel like JNU rudallis.
Creativity blossoms when there is peace inside or emotions run high.
sharanagati led one to reason better.

There are two types of respect- Respect that a person commands because of what he/she is and the other through force.

The Gurus of this land gained it through commitment towards Gyaana.
Forced respect is a British construct and funnily our schools do not teach us any life skills forget reasoning.

When heart is full and mind is empty and remember the ever loving nature of the Prakriti, who cannot bow down? Respect is love in reverence.



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