My tryst with Ayurveda, Yoga and Menstrual Cycles

When I first read these series, I almost did a tango. THIS has been my experience for years and was pleased to see well written, researched series on it.

When I hit puberty was the time I stepped into the world of spirituality and Ayurveda. Indeed, it was a boon else I would have another lost cause in the world of liberals.

When I first heard Trupti Desai protest about temple entry, I thought – again, another failed feminist. These were reasons apart from India’s daughter documentary wherein I learned how and what 3rd wave feminists think.

No woman who calls herself a feminist has taken steps to address real issues women face.

When I think of menstrual cycle all I can think of is how important it is for a woman.
One man by the name Arunachalam Muruganantham took efforts to make sanitary napkins available to the poor. He could be a role model for these feminists. Not a woman jumping over barricades to claim ‘ownership’ and ‘rights’.

My teenage years’ cycles were painful to say the least. I am sure many women reading this must have experienced that.
What I observed is our body is wonderful mechanism. Truly nature’s gift and it gives us signals from time to time when something disrupts.

Women are double blessed because menstrual cycle is a key to understand body better.

I sadly did not find a good ayurveda vaidya in my early teenage days but eventually found a vaidya who gave me wonderful wisdom point: Resting during a cycle ensures smooth cycle in the next cycle. Which is very true given the kind of stressful world we live in.

Let us look at how our grandmothers were ‘treated’ during menstrual cycle. Foremost, they took rest. Women slogged doubly more than men did. They still do. Those 4-5 days’ rest ,  away from chaos was a blessing. Staying away from temples and poojais maybe constructs of humans.
These women were healthy till their last breath unless they met with an accident.
They did not eat junk, adulterated food, breathed fresh air, simple local meals, and slept in time.

No, No god will be angry if you enter temples. But, temples are not beautifully carved structures alone. Every God and Goddess represents an energy and temples are storehouses of those energies.
Lastly, I wouldn’t want to hurt sentiments of believers.

Based on body prakritti if I observe my diet then it again keeps the cycle smooth. Whenever I long for tangy and spicy food I understand that it is in fact to be restricted. My body prakritti is vatta-pitta. It is no surprise that such bolts to eat spicy food increases during that phase. What is commonly called PMS. Vaddu manga and manga thokku are my weaknesses. 🙂

You are what you eat and a woman is lucky to see those signs regularly. Which is why women are less susceptible to heart diseases before she attains menopause. Estrogen is one of the factors.
Estrogen protects women from developing certain types of heart disease. Refer to school biology books. You’ll understand progesterone and estrogen’s importance.

Can anybody tell me if any feminist has taken efforts to address growing PCOD problem in cities?
It is worrisome! The kind of junk we eat, the air we breathe, the pressure we undergo are factors in this.  Wearing red lipstick could be liberating for many. Has anyone taken efforts to tell women to remain healthy in body, mind and emotions?

Yoga, classical dance, meditation and sadhana aid and ensure pain free smooth menstrual cycle. 🙂

I am not a Dr to claim these as truths or facts. These are based on my experiences and observing others for the last 14 years.
Little focus inwards , few minutes of silence and gyaana can help us understand ourselves better. Only then we can understand another human.
A woman does not have to be empowered. She only needs to be reminded that she is complete and full the way she is. Else, the prachaar is nothing but mudslinging exercise.


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