Who wins?

She: Death probably gives peace to the dead and shatters the living

He: Yea, but life moves on

She: It does and one learns to live with the loss. Hole in the glass can never be filled. Replacing does not mean the person will return. You never know where soul travels.

He: I believe once a human dies, he just dies.

She: Maybe. But, i believe that person lives through. We never realise how much our loved ones influence our lives until we lose them. We are a product of their qualities and the environment we grow in.

He: They do influence us. Then life moves on. There will be a day when we will all be gone. New set of folks will come and discuss. You see how insignificant these things are.

She: If they are insignificant then why do we live ? In all that we have we want to live our best, right? Every moment is significant to me.

He: Today you are discussing over the death of your loved one. How different is that? Many have come and gone. Each one of them would have thought that their love was most special. were they immortal? No! Unless, you were or are a legend, yours and my death will make no difference.

She: Yet, it will mean the world to the ones living and ones who care about you. you do not have to move mountains to make a difference. Sharing love will leave a better world. Even if it leaves one human in a better place.
There won’t be anything special in our love. Many have written peans and still write, yet that moment that love is all they need to satisfy their souls, to do right? We do not have to measure success and love on the basis of who features in news and in the history text books, right!

He: I entertain your thoughts but cannot buy it. Anyway, who cares who is right or wrong. what is good or bad. Everybody will eventually die. Who wins when both the sides die?!

She: Conscience wins as long as we are alive. Soul is satisfied as long as we are alive.



Man role model, err did i say man? – Happy Women’s Day!

She was the only woman in the board room apart from another junky amidst 20 men, who had come to pitch new deal for the company where she worked. She saw a young girl there sitting behind, a junky taking notes and contributing a few points here and there. When the meeting ended, the woman went to the junky and praised her “You’ll do well, Good luck”. The junky smiled from ear to ear, with renewed assurance of her dreams.

She had argued with her mother in law that morning before leaving for work. When she came home, she complained of menstrual cramps. Her mother-in-law who disliked her very much felt her pain. The mother in law prepared a health drink for her and offered it. Anger melted, pain reduced.

Her husband was a mill worker and the family lived hand to mouth. On February 14, he saw young couples holding hands and offering presents to each other. He enquired and realised that the day is celebrated as Valentine’s Day. Realising that he has few pennies left in his wallet, he brought her favourite mogra flowers for his wife. She blushed.

She was a florist who beautifully weaved the beads of devotion outside the temple. Her radiance was reflected in her eyes when she smiled, albeit had no teeth. A young girl who passed by complimented her, “you are so cute!”  Florist was resplendent in her beautiful smile.

She was a domestic servant and had participated in a cookery competition. The most enthusiastic supporter was her husband. His chest swelled with pride when he learnt that his wife had won the competition.

She is that common woman whom we see on the streets fighting against the odds, some created by society some by her own mind. Empowerment is not only about providing incentives, it is a gentle reminder that she is powerful, complete and full.
Globalisation has made world a global village and we live in an inter-dependent society. In the world of stereotypes where women are confined to house hold chores and all men are rapists, it is time men are given a pat on their shoulders as much as women celebrate their glory.
There will be a time when men will be called successful home-makers.
True independence is not that of financial, but emotional and mental.

In a country where Savitribai Phule, Raja Ram Mohun Roy were born, we glorify only board room and we glorify only board room and politically successful women.

A country where women are worshipped, wealth (Laxmi) , strength (Shakti)  and knowledge (Saraswati) are our pillars of success.

Women role models, lie everywhere around us in trains, buses our own neighbourhood.
She is the woman next door (figuratively and literally).

Behind every woman role model, there is a high probability of existence of a man who is a role model to many men in the society.

May daivi shakti embellish in every man and woman!